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Displayed is a truck with safety technology that could potentially save thousands of lives anually

Safety Technologies that Could Prevent Large Truck Accidents in Washington are Not Being Used

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Recent years have seen a troubling rise in motor vehicle accidents nationwide, and the rate of fatal large truck crashes is no exception to this rule. Despite the advances that vehicle manufacturers have made in developing safety technologies, few of these advances are being implemented in the nation’s growing fleet of large commercial trucks…. Read More »

Speed Kills highway roadside sign

Speed Kills, but is it as Bad as Drunk Driving? Actually, Yes.

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

In a safety study released last year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that speeding is just as dangerous as drunk driving in terms of the number of lives lost to car accidents caused by each factor. Read on to learn just how dangerous speeding can be, and contact an experienced Washington personal… Read More »

A lady on her phone & driving

Distracted driving worse than previously believed

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Smartphones play an ever-expanding role in our lives. Unfortunately, this means that more and more of us are unable to resist the pull to look at our phones while we’re behind the wheel. According to a study recently published by a technology company, the problem of behind-the-wheel phone use is even more widespread than… Read More »

Rear-Facing Car Seat

Rear-Facing Car Seats Protect Children, Even in Rear-End Crashes

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Pediatricians and safety experts have long advised parents to place their small children in rear-facing seats when they ride in the car. While research shows that children are safer in front- or side-impact crashes when in a rear-facing position, questions remained about whether riding in a rear-facing seat could cause a greater risk of… Read More »

young female driver sleeping behind wheel as part of drowsy driving concept

Drivers Show Signs of Drowsiness Prior to Crashes in Larger Share of Car Accidents than Previously Believed

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Drunk driving and distracted driving are known to be dangerous driving behaviors which receive (appropriately) public disapproval and attention from law enforcement, but until recently, few of us have considered the serious dangers of driving while highly fatigued. A team of researchers with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has recently published a study… Read More »

stop light thats red

Red Light Running: a Source of Deadly Accidents

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

When in a hurry, the temptation to avoid the wait and run a red light can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, the possible consequences to other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists from red light accidents can be catastrophic. A recent local accident that left a teenaged pedestrian in serious condition is but one example of the possible… Read More »

the side of a Trailer truck

Senators Look to Improve Tractor-Trailer Safety through Greater Underride Protections

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Tractor-trailer accidents were to blame for nearly 1,500 fatalities among passenger vehicle occupants in 2016. These massive vehicles are capable of causing great harm when they hit other vehicles, but collisions with big rigs and semi-trucks can also be deadly when smaller, lower-riding vehicles slide under large trucks in what are known as underride… Read More »

Amtrak train

Fatal Train Crash Raises Questions of Liability

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

A federal investigation has now begun in the derailment and crash of an Amtrak train in DuPont, Washington. The fatal crash appears to have resulted from the train’s excessive speed, and investigators are looking for reasons why the speed was not brought under control prior to the crash. The Amtrak Cascades Train 501 was… Read More »

Red sign that says stop texting.jpg.crdownload

Another Year of Rising Roadway Deaths, Says NHTSA

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

2014 was the first year in 50 years that traffic deaths were seen to rise over the totals of the year before. The trend has continued for two subsequent years, with recently-released reports showing that the US again saw more fatalities on its roads in 2016 than in the year before. While the report… Read More »

red vehicle hit on its side

Side-Impact Crashes More Likely to Be Fatal

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Side-impact collisions are one of the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents for victims. When cars are impacted on their side, the resulting crash is more likely to result in serious injuries for the vehicle’s occupants. Read on to learn more about side-impact collisions, and find out if you’re entitled to money damages… Read More »

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