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A woman with smartphone helping man worker after an accident at the construction site.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a person suffers a sudden, intense blow to the head, sending the brain bouncing around the skull. TBIs include concussions, brain contusions, penetrating brain injuries (when an object pierces the skull), and anoxic brain injury (damage suffered when oxygen is unable to reach the brain). The risks of… Read More »


What Are Passenger Rights in a Car Accident?

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Drivers are not the only parties injured in car crashes. Often, passengers in car crashes suffer injuries just as bad, if not worse, than the drivers involved. If you are injured in a crash as a passenger, what are your options? Can you file claims against either or both drivers? Read on for a… Read More »

Cute African-American child sitting in safety seat inside car. Danger prevention

Common Types of Child Car Accident Injuries

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Parents care first and foremost about the safety of their children. Parents install all kinds of safety precautions in their homes and are constantly vigilant while out in the world, including while driving an automobile. Even with proper safety measures in place, unfortunately, accidents do happen, and children can get hurt. Continue reading for… Read More »

Blue surgical masks

Lutgens Law Firm Taking Steps for Client Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Lutgens Law Firm has taken steps to address the safety of clients and staff members at the firm. Below are some of the measures we are implementing to address your safety during this time: We are now offering Zoom meetings to all clients and prospective clients. For… Read More »

Medical law concept. Gavel, notebook and stethoscope on the white table. Place for text.

Understanding the Personal Injury Laws in Washington and Oregon

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Personal injury claims typically break down to four elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. Car accident claims, for example, turn on everyone’s duty to drive reasonably and follow traffic safety laws. If a person drives negligently, they have breached that duty. If their negligence causes an accident and that accident hurts a victim, the… Read More »

Family lawyer is sitting at table with divorcing family at background.

What are the Types of Guardianship in Washington and Oregon?

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

A guardianship is a legal relationship under which one person is legally responsible for managing the finances, medical decisions, and physical care of another person. Typically, the “protected person” under the care of a guardian is either a minor child or an adult who is unable to care for themselves due to physical or… Read More »

A close up of a red emergency triangle on the road in front of a car after an accident.

What Happens After an Accident With an Uber or Lyft Driver

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

We’ve talked before about how many Uber and Lyft drivers are operating vehicles with active safety recalls unaddressed. But what actually happens when you get into an accident with a rideshare driver? Will Uber or Lyft automatically step in to cover your claims? The answer: It depends. Continue reading to learn about bringing claims… Read More »

MIDDLETOWN, NY, UNITED STATES - May 21, 2020: Bikes are Sold Out at Target Due to Product Shortages during COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to National Bike Shortage

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to have varied effects on nearly every aspect of daily life. Some of the consequences have not been as obvious or predictable. Business closures, limitations on travel, and fears over the dangers of buses and subways have led to a massive surge in hopeful bike riders around the… Read More »

Senior couple planning their investments with financial advisor

Estate Planning and the Coronavirus

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has upended the normal functions of the country, leaving millions of people with deep uncertainties concerning their finances and their health. The dangers posed by the pandemic serve as an important reminder to have your legal ducks in a row in terms of your estate, should anything unfortunate happen to… Read More »

cute small twins in car seats in the car

Child Car Seat Laws in and Oregon

By John Lutgens, Attorney at Law |

Different states have different requirements concerning child vehicle safety. While most states require children to sit in an approved car seat or booster seat, state laws vary in terms of the age at which a child no longer needs to use the car seat, where the child can sit in the vehicle, whether there… Read More »

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